Dither joins CONCRETE Agency

dither-def-27-12-15-1633-55-4927-KnelisAaawww yyyeeeaaahhh! CONCRETE Agency proudly welcomes the skilled Dither to the roster! If mechanical engineered kick drums, driving bass lines and fragments of a melody are your thing, Dither is one artist you should recognize.

Dither joins CONCRETE AgencyDither joins CONCRETE Agency Big collaborations with the established names, his own self started imprint Broadband Noise and the Convoi Exceptionnel events in Groningen, Dither ensures he’s on the top of his game, ever growing.

What better way to get more familiar with Dither, then by simply listening? (And maybe a dance or two.) Here you go! Check out this sweet Convoi recording of Dither behind the decks last November.

For more information on Dither and an overview of his latest dates, check out Dither’s artist profile!