Fuck you attitude, check! CONCRETE welcomes Thrasher


CONCRETE Agency is immensely proud to welcome a new artist to its roster; A man with a deviant musical history, who knows only one thing – to make every performance a crushing, heart-stopping memorable experience for all who dare witness the destruction that he is capable of. And that man is Thrasher !

ThrasherThrasher’s success from PRSPCT label owner to artist, has exposed him to non-stop, jaw-dropping opportunity. If you need a performing artist that can do everything from over filling the dance floor with raging Hardcore psychopaths to turning the crowd into a mosh-pitting blood bath, then Thrasher is undoubtedly your man.. Heck, just listen for yourself:

For more information on Dither and an overview of his latest dates, check out Thrasher’s artist profile!