God’s Justice by The Empire

Step back and enjoy the show, as the day of reckoning is upon us! This is God’s Justice EP, a gritty declaration of war by The Empire. This is all about sticking your middle fingers up like you
mean it. Stand up, and fight the hardcore fight!

The Empire - God's Justice - Cover Artwork _ 1000x1000pxDown the battlefield where mud and blood intertwine, this hardcore release is featured as the soundtrack to a clash of higher powers. Packing a hint of mystery and a touch of misery, ‘God’s Justice’ is

The Empire at his best. Melodic, breathing distorted kicks and a touch of experiment. This conflict has a beat for everyone. So pick your side and find out if ‘The message’ inspires you. Maybe it will alarm you. It might even provoke you. Either way, there’s chaos at hand, and you’ll need to decide.

So for now, dance as if there’s no consequence. No tomorrow. No daylight. The Empire created a release pure in heart and heavy in effect. A claim to royalty, a legend written in blood. So kneel down and pray. Hail to hardcore!

Available today on several of the best platform out there. A.o. BandcampiTunesJunodownload & Hardtunes.