Dimensions Part 1 by Mindustries

Drums, distortion and just the right amount of dark atmosphere. Hello paranoia! This is Dimensions Part 1 by Mindustries! No intro needed.

Mindustries-Dimensions-Pt1-cover-webImagine yourself sitting in a chair. An old one, its fabric broken and springs sticking out like rusty needles. You’re staring straight out in front of you. Focus set to infinity. Now while your eyes adjust to the brightness outside, are you able to comprehend the darkness surrounding you? If there’s one sound fitting to a scene like this, it’s Mindustries. And damn, did they just opened up a can of paranoia for all you boys and girls. Listen to ‘Other Dimensions’, ‘Spark Outrage’ and ‘Death Rattle’ and find out where your mind will take you. This first installment in the Dimensions series is so much more than a teaser. It’s a hook to lure you in and take you down. Down to something even bigger. Down into thepits of industrial hardcore.

Hardcore embraces all tempos and this release really shows of that diversity. From a mid-tempo grind to kick artilleries at breakbeat-level, Dimensions Part 1 really shines through. Mindustries is at it again!

Listen here to Mindustries – Dimensions Pt. 1.