Mindustries deals Dimensions Part 2

T3RDM0264You dug the darkness, now here’s the sequel. Mindustries deals Dimensions Part 2! The follow-up you knew you had coming. More atmosphere, more dirt, more kicks. More Mindustries!

Continuing in full force, Mindustries delivers a raw product as subtle as hardcore can be. And what better way to deal the damage than by hand of ‘The perfect machine’. An apparatus programmed to target and destroy, invulnerable to emotion. So get your kicks on, and start running. Hide, flee, do whatever you need to stay out of its reach. Scared yet? Close your eyes and let the ‘Ghost glimpse’ in. Welcome paranoia as it rattles through your mind. ‘This new music’ extends far, far into the pitch-black. It’s the purest of darkness, tricking its prey with its danceable form.

Keep the adrenaline pumping with the second installment of the Dimensions series by Mindustries. Impact times two! As challenged by unwritten laws, Part 2 continues the never-ending debate if sequels can top the original. We’ll let you decide. If you dare!