Behind the insanity that is Thrasher


Wild, eccentric and more often than not, COMPLETELY off the charts insane, the good kind…obviously  – Gareth de Wijk, a.k.a Thrasher embarks on a new adventure after being signed to the ever-evolving CONCRETE agency.

With his incredible stage presence, his bad boy ways and his sheer passion, determination and endless ambition for himself and his colleagues to be successful and to take over the Hardcore and Drum and Bass scene, there is no question that the ‘Thrasher’ name is an excellent addition to the CONCRETE artist roster. Let’s discover more about the man behind the madness.

Gareth! Hey man how’s it going?
“I’m  good. Thanks for asking!”

So, you’ve finally stopped taking your own bookings, what made you decide to finally let go of doing everything on your own and go to an agency? What made Concrete the right home for you?
“Well, I had been thinking about signing with them for a while, for the last 2 years or so actually. I started to notice that I just did not have the time for taking on my own booking’s anymore and while working on the progression of so many other Drum and Bass artists careers on top of the sheer amount of work involved in running the PRSPCT empire, I just kept forgetting to fix my own shit. Not having to deal with handling my own bookings anymore is giving me more time to focus on the creative side of things. Concrete was just a logical move as we have worked well together for years and they understand my vision and where I want to be as an artist. Their roster is great with tons of hot dudes and dudettes on it. How could I not want to be part of that right?!”

avatars-000026549330-kw00xg-t500x500You pretty much have PRSPCT written on your forehead, or you might as well. Everyone sees you as PRSPCT itself, but there’s more to you than just that, what other shit do you have your filthy paws in?
“Well.. my face is way to pretty to put anything on it but I get what you’re saying ;-). Besides running the PRSPCT labels, events, agency etc, I’m also part of a live act called The Hard Way together with Limewax & Bong Ra plus I do a bunch of other stuff that I prefer not to mention here.”

I love blending Hardcore with a shitload of Drum & Bass/Breakbeats together in one bad ass set.

In regards to genre’s you play, you can more often than not be caught playing out Drum ‘n’ Bass, or heavily Drum ‘n’ Bass influenced core. What is the extent of the variety that you can be booked to play?
“Well, my first love in electronic music was more towards hard Drum & Bass, so that’s what I started with. Throughout the years my sound has moved more towards Hardcore but always with a shitload of Drum & Bass/Breakbeats and out of the box craziness in it. I love playing both of these genres and more than anything, I love blending it all of it together in one bad ass set. I just really love to DJ I guess,  which for me, means that I don’t pre-plan my sets and I really feed off of the crowd and what the vibe is in the room. At least 60 % of what I play is always PRSPCT material of course and with the label having such a wide pallet of sounds, I like to reflect that in my sets. Besides rocking Hardcore & Hardcore Drum & Bass sets, I also enjoy playing a full-on Drum & Bass set and still do this quite often. Not that pussy neuro D ‘n’ B crap of course, I’m way too manly for that shit.. ;-)”

We’ve seen the ‘Thrashmachine’ (Thrasher Vs. Deathmachine) combo getting thrown around a lot these days, now that is one hell of an awesome combination of artists going head to head. Can we expect more from this combo? Are you open minded to playing back to back with other artists in the scene? Give us a few names to throw out there!
“Yes. Thrashmachine does not only sound amazing, (it’s like one of the most rocking names in the whole wide world haha), but we also work really well together b2b behind the decks. I love playing with that guy. Not only is he a super hot piece of man meat, he is also is a great producer and our style’s work well together behind the decks. It’s always a shitload of fun and the man loves to party! Coincidently, I do too! A match made in heaven or hell. We’ve got some devious schemes set up which means we will be doing more ‘Thrashmachine’ stuff in the near future. There might even be some music coming up under that name, who knows?

Thrashmachine (Thrasher & Deathmachine)

Besides playing b2b with Deathmachine I also love playing b2b with The DJ Producer a lot. We have done it 3 times so far and on every single one of those occasions it was just epic.  When it comes to Drum & Bass sets, my favourite b2b partner is Limewax of course, but preferably the not too wasted version.. ;-)”

If anyone has tuned into PRSPCT radio, they will hear some, shall we say…outlandish insanity? You know, fucking bros, and dick sucking, the standard. Then we see you post sweet pictures of you and your son getting some serious fam time in, doing all sorts of fun stuff. How do you balance Thrasher the rude boy with Gareth the inspirational father figure that every man wishes he could be?
“That’s what is so great about Facebook. I can act like I’m a great dad by posting a few pictures and the whole world believes that shit harh harh harh. Seriously though, my boy is everything to me. I love that little man to bits and he has been such a big reason  for me to get my shit together and become more serious and focussed on everything that I am doing. I’m certainly no saint. For a lot of “normal” people, I might seem a bit “out there” but that’s mainly because I’m still a kid myself I guess. I love to have fun and love to be a dad. I think these things can be combined perfectly. Parenthood and the rock & roll outlaw mentality balance each other out. Screw what society expects and thinks. We do things our own way and Max has been raised pretty free, understanding that, from a young age, there is no 1 right or wrong way to live your life. The world would be a mega boring place if everyone was the same and lived life the same right? He came out pretty damn awesome so far, so I guess we’re on the right track.”

We’re curious about your son, as he gets to experience things that ‘normal’ kids couldn’t even dream of. So pass this question onto him! What’s it like having the almighty ‘Thrasher’ as your dad? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done with him?
“I asked him this question. He says that he thinks I’m cool hahaha and that he loves me whoohoo!! We do a lot of cool stuff together . He did say he really loved being behind the decks with me during a set I played in the Feyenoord Stadium 2 years ago, but I guess he mentioned that as he knows this interview is about Thrasher ;-)”

ThrasherWe know it’s a pretty standard question to ask, but is there anything particularly awesome, project wise, on the horizon, that we should be watching out for?
“The new ‘The Hard Way’ record is almost finished and for me personally it’s the best material we have made so far. Not everyone will understand it but for me, it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. We will tour the fuck out of this album with our live shows also.

Besides that, I have been doing a few collab projects. Limewax and myself have just done a remix for ‘Detest’ that has been getting really good response. The new collab with Sei2ure will be out soon, plus some other stuff in the works. We have also decided to get the PRSPCT XTRM live show out there more. We will be releasing some music under that name at the beginning of next year and then follow up with the shows. Let the money machine roll right! ;-)”

How do you feel about constantly being called ‘Trasher’? Was that ever an actual thing or is it remarkably, constantly misspelt because….it’s a pretty hilarious, common as fuck mistake that we see consistently.
“I don’t fucking get why everyone makes that mistake ALL THE TIME. I have never been called ‘Trasher’. Please just take the time to get it right people. Jesus!!!”

With all of the crazy endeavours in your life, what is it that your truly aspire to achieve? What’s it all for, for you?
“World domination. To rid the universe of shit music!

Nah.. not really.. Well, to an extent I guess. I don’t really know haha. However lame it may sound, I just want to be happy and enjoy life. Music has been my passion and escape from a young age and it’s really all I know. I’m just lucky to be able to live from it and to not have to sell out and do stuff I don’t want to do. At the moment, I am still full of energy and ideas. As long as my energy level stays that way, I will keep doing what I do. Where it will end,  I have no fucking clue”

If you could have a love child with any one person in the Hardcore or Drum ‘n’ Bass scene, who would it be and why?
“I already have my love child. No need to impregnate a person in the scene for that…”

– C. Giesbrecht –