Experience the Thrashmachine

ec3d5547-077a-49a4-904e-4c47cb0c36c4THRASHER + DEATHMACHINE = ?

Basic math, let’s go: Thrasher + Deathmachine = Thrashmachine. Once the set, twice the impact, trice the damage!!!

As Thrasher himself puts it: “Thrashmachine does not only sound amazing, it’s a match made in heaven or hell. We work really well together b2b behind the decks. It’s always a shitload of fun.” Combining the hard and dark sound of Deathmachine with the fuck you attitude of Thrasher is a synergy for the disturbed, an overdose of pure energy. Sounds like the perfect addition to any industrial or up-tempo rave, don’t you agree? You can also experience the Thrashmachine!

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