A Matter Of Perspective by Wavolizer

Another highly anticipated album hits The Third Movement in the form of Industrial debauchery from their very own Danish diva Wavolizer. Innovative and completely refreshing, Wavolizer surpasses all expectations with a 13 track album full of ferocious new kick drums, exciting collaborations with The Outside Agency, Geck-O, Mindustries and Miss Hysteria and an in-depth storyline for you to follow from the very beginning starting with ‘The Protagonist’. Let’s follow Kedde through twists and turns that you could only find in the darkest depths of your mind while digging deep into his brand new album ‘A Matter of Perspective’.

‘A Matter Of Perspective’ is a very powerful title all on its own. It truly makes you wonder what lies in between those 13 tracks. What triggered this inspiring title?
Thank you! The title actually took a long time to get right. I knew what the theme was going to be about and I knew that I wanted that to be reflected in the title in a powerful, yet not too complicated manner. I always was a fan of fancy words however so making it too simple wasn’t really something I wanted either. I had a bunch of brainstorm sessions about this with my buddy Kjeld and we finally nailed it with this title. It’s the perfect description of the story and the theme.

Simply by looking through the track list from beginning to end, you can see that you are quite literally telling your listeners a story, what possessed you to present your album in this format?
“Ever since I even considered doing an album as a young teenager, I knew I wanted it to be a concept album in some way. I kept these album ideas between myself and my close friends for many years and when I finally felt ready in late 2015 to write an album, I knew I wanted to tell it as a movie. Explaining the script with words is impossible, but certain keywords would be: conflicting feelings, gray areas, perspectives (obviously).”

I knew what the theme (of the album) was going to be about and I knew that I wanted that to be reflected in the title in a powerful, yet not too complicated manner.

There’s no question that creating an album takes time, stress, tears, exhaustion, frustration and so on. Tell us about some of the struggles that you faced throughout your personal process of creating AMOP.
“Luckily it was mostly a pleasant journey to produce this album as The Third Movement gave me a lot of freedom regarding the style of the music. However, I of course have had days and even weeks where I simply couldn’t produce anything I liked or that I thought would fit within the story that I had in my head. Tracks like ‘The Protagonist’ and ‘The Showdown’ took the longest to be made because of this. I often worried if I would even be able to connect the dots and create something that would work as a whole.”

#AMOP album from Wavolizer – Sneak Peak time!

Wavolizer album sneak peak! #AMOP

Posted by The Third Movement on Monday, May 1, 2017

There are plenty of talented artists out there in Hardcore, what made you choose your collaborators The Outside Agency, Geck-O, Mindustries and Miss Hysteria?
“It wasn’t easy haha. There are so many great artists I would love to merge styles with someday, but I knew I didn’t want the album to be half solo, half collaborations, like it has been done by several. 4 was always my maximum.

I always had The Outside Agency in my mind for a collaboration (for obvious reasons) so I am very happy Noël found time to make this pounding multi-tempo track with me. Geck-o is a long-time friend of mine and we have done several tracks together before. Somehow, we always learn something from each other when we sit in the studio together and this track is without a doubt my favourite collaboration between us! So in short: Rik was essential for this.
Both of the Mindustries guys are super awesome and we talked about collaborating even before the album started so it was a no-brainer to make one! Miss Hysteria is a wonderful producer that I have followed for several years and I noticed how she kept a unique and not-so-typical style on her previous releases (also as Lucy Furr) so I was very much interested in making a tune with her. Fortunately she thought the same!

All of these artists are people I wanted to make tracks with for a long time so I am very thankful for their unique influence that shaped the sound of the album!”

Every artist has their little signature thing, for you I would say that it’s your snare. How was the wavo-snare born? Was it a conscious decision for it to become your sound?
“Haha no. I never think too much about trying to get a ‘Wavo-sound’. In fact I usually make a new snare (and kick) for every new track, but sometimes I do layer previous snares together with new ones so maybe that’s how this happened. ;)”

Switching to Hardcore quickly gave me more opportunities production-wise. Hardstyle is usually around 150 BPM, with Hardcore I don’t have to worry too much about that.

Do you still feel the transition from Hardstyle to Hardcore was the right one? How has it influenced your Hardcore production skills?
“Yes. Very much. Receiving feedback from Promo as well as other great Hardcore producers has really had its impact on the quality of my mixdowns and switching to Hardcore quickly gave me more opportunities production-wise. Hardstyle is usually around 150 BPM, with Hardcore I don’t have to worry too much about that. Of course right now the hype is fast and I am not really a fan of this myself, but I still don’t really worry to be honest. There are still enough open-minded supporters out there who like their Hardcore to be different, diverse and weird.”

Now that you’ve completed an album, will you be taking a break or is it straight back in the studio to create more monsters?
“I have already produced way less Hardcore the past months than I normally do, but whenever I feel like producing something new I do grab the chance. I am not burned out luckily. And I *do* have new material already. ;)”

Amazing! Thank you Wavo! So where do we get the album?!
“It is available right now for pre-sale on The Third Movement’s Bandcamp page in both physical and digital formats. It will be out on May 22nd, 2016. Orders are going fast, so make sure you get your copy now!”
We have completely sold out of the CD’s but luckily we can’t sell out of digital copies, so you can still pre-order now!

– C. Giesbrecht –