Ruffneck sheds an honest light on his 25 year legacy

When “The man, the myth, the legend…” are the first words of an interview you know you’ve got a hardcore legend in front of you. Who other than Ruffneck to fill in this silhouette!

Featured on Alive At Night this month, Ruffneck’s interview is a long read shedding an honest light on the modern age, his freestyle adventures and 25 year legacy. Does that say twentyfive!? How does it feel to have successfully sustained such a long and prosperous career as a musician?

“To be honest, I haven’t been paying much attention to that at all, however if you are going into details it would be 25 years as Ruffneck. […] Wow, I really didn’t realise how long this has been going on for.

I still LOVE spinning Early and Millennium sets and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. However, lately I’ve been thinking about doing some special shows; perhaps three hour sets or solo nights – I feel as though a one hour set just doesn’t cut it!”

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