Thunderdome XXV Recap(s)

Wow, has it been one month already? <flashback>Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome!</flashback>

For those who weren’t lucky enough to score a ticket, the main stage of Thunderdome XXV was streamed live. What a spectacle! And – according to the artists present – an honour to be part of. The funny thing about streams: they can be recorded. And played again, and gain! And so the net is filled with glorious live recorded hardcore beats. Special mention goes out to Amada¬†for her solid kick-off set (ever seen 20.000 gabbers drop their jackets so fast?), N-Vitral‘s ear-busting live set and Promo‘s classic revival of 25 years of hardcore tracks packed into one insane hour…

Choose your damage!
25 Years of Hardcore by Promo / N-Vitral / Amada

Bonus! Thunderdome recap by Promo