The sound of 2018

With the year 2017 crashing to a halt on December 31st, the time has come to look forward. To rip of the last page of the calendar and discover what’s next. Which artists will claim their throne? Which producers will rock the nation? It’s the sound of 2018!

We’ve asked several CONCRETE artists about their views on the upcoming year. How did they experience 2017 and what do they see happening in the year twenty eighteen?


Kicking off is one of the biggest names in the hardcore scene at the moment: N-Vitral. He rocked like none-other and his discography is the proof. One could even say he really Jumped the f@#* up:

“2017 was the most insane year of my career so far. Closing Qlimax, closing Qapital, playing the main area of Thunderdome, being a part of the Road to Redemption. The launch of BOMBSQUAD. Playing countless amazing shows all over the world. How will I be able to top this in 2018? Lets try with a new N-Vitral album 💪🏻”


From a different point of view, Miss Hysteria is looking up amidst the darkness of the underground. With her brand new Surround Me EP on Enzyme as exhibit A:

“2018 will be a year of a new and improved sound. Be prepared for some fresh filth by the one and only Miss Hysteria! See you all at my next gig.”


Signing with The Third Movement and releasing some serious bad-ass tunes, Dither reached out and Hulk-smashed the dance floor. Dither does as he pleases, and the joy is all yours.

“I have some new shows confirmed, fresh collabs planned and out-of-the box tunes lined up. 2018 has Dither written all over it.”


Whom else than Ruffneck to have something big up his sleeve!

“2018 will be the year that I will be celebrating the 25 years of Ruffneck legacy with several special merchandise items, exclusive multiple hour DJ sets, hosting area’s and even special very exclusive LIVE sets like I have never done before in my career. 2018 is already looking pretty good as the agenda is filling up rapidly with requests from a lot of promotors all around the globe. I am absolutely looking forward to probably one of the craziest years in my entire career!”

If this is any indication, the sound of 2018 will be CONCRETE. By which we mean: intense, loud. Energy! All the way up. 2018 is starting to look great already and we’re only getting started! Stay tuned.