Promo x Catscan = RECKLESS

New at CONCRETE Agency, new to the world: this is RECKLESS! Februari sees the rise of the real. Out of nowhere comes the joint force that is Reckless. A bond between Promo and Catscan to deliver the world some substantial hardcore beats. 

Leave your expectations at the door and open the black box. Discover evil, times two. A distortion device unique in impact. This is the result of masterminds working together, crafting a sound true to itself. True to hardcore. Dark, edgy and first and foremost aimed to demolish the dance-floor.

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#TheRealisBack So let’s pause the music for a second and confront the guys with some sincere questions.

So, what is the definition of Reckless?
Bart (Catscan): “Sitting in the studio careless and making noise and have fun.” Sebastian (Promo) on the other hand takes the definition a bit more literal. “If you look at the word Reckless, it means something like fierce and handling without any fear. Acting without thinking about others. So it sums up perfectly what we did in the studio while working on this album.” Fun without fear equals noise, sounds about right.

A good start is half the battle, as they say. Your first proverbial kick in the groin is the album Trueschool – out March 5th – featuring 16 new tracks. Now this has to be something you kept silent for some time. Why the secrecy?
Sebastian: “Well call me oldschool, but I think an artist (or artists in this case) have some sort of a leading role in music. The element of surprise is, to me, something I find very exciting in music. You want artists that you like, to challenge you and take you to places you haven’ t been before. I don’t want to know exactly what I can expect of artists and I sure as hell don’t want them to ask me on social media what I want them to produce. The bit of mystique, vague element keeps me on my toes. With our Reckless project it also gave us fun knowing that we were gonna drop a full album. Why a full album? Because this gives you more room to show musically what you stand for.” Bart agrees: “It’s better to announce the whole package at once if that makes sense”. Sebastian continues, “It also shows that you really made an effort and were dedicated and not just threw 3 tracks together for an E.P. ”

You guys have a long history together. Now that you’re back in the studio, what motivated you to release these tracks under a new name?
Bart: “I was at Promo’s Studio for my release of my Catscan Classics album. After some talk we started to freak with some sounds and the seed was planned. The connection was still there so that was cool after a long time.”
Sebastian experienced this reunion, this rediscovered energy as an opportunity. “I think we both were looking for a challenge where we sort of could prove ourselves again. With a new name you also create more room for the experiment, less limitations because it is new and doesn’t have any name yet. If it would have been a Promo & Catscan album you have to fill pretty big shoes and it leaves less room to try something else. We both work on so many other projects where we have to live up to expectations constantly so this project gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do. And I think you can clearly hear that in the tracks. We had so much fun as well!”


Reckless is about revolting against, taking a stand when all seems decided and out of control. What feeds your inner rebel?
Sebastian: “The biggest motivator for me is the other music out there. There has been a lot of discussion lately about hardcore and what is real and what is not and that is why we chose the “TheRealisBack” slogan. Not to say that we are real and the others are fake, but to trigger people to listen to something different.”
As Bart puts it: “Fuck the rules and the hype, just have fun in the studio and make music with no boundaries.” Sebastian: “You can join the discussion from the sidelines or join the fight. We chose to let the music do the talking and represent by example. Maybe you don’t like that we did, but at least we did something. And talking about rebellion, we will never give up. If we give up there will no longer be an alternative.” After a short moment Sebastian starts laughing. “That sounds way more serious than I mean it, but that is the inner rebel talking.”

We make what we want, not what others want to hear.

Creating beats can be a struggle. In the end the dance-floor can be pretty brutal when it comes down to accepting something different. Do you still take this into account when creating new music?
“No, we said fuck that. We make what we want, not what others want to hear.” Plain language from Bart. Sebastian evolves, “Normally I sure do. I try to tell myself that I don’t but after so many years and so many tracks I would be lying if I say I don’t use a certain structure or sample to make it more acceptable. That makes this project so cool, some tracks are more streamlined and playable but there are some tracks that you will probably scratch your head and wonder what kind of incomprehensible crap you are listening to. Those tracks were not made for the dance floor. We just hope it adds some weight to the balance between what is considered to be the mainstream and underground.”
Sebastian: “One thing I can tell you and that is that we had no struggle at all. There were studio days that we did two tracks on one day even. All tracks were done in a timespan of literally hours. That is what made this so much fun. I would stop somewhere in a track and ask Bart; “Should we change this to make it more simple” his reply was ”no fuck it” and vice versa. That created an awesome chemistry in the studio and I hope you can hear that in the tracks.”

The Trueschool album will the guideline in our sets

The Catscan Promo tag-team is back with a vengeance. What gives your combined performance the edge? (What can people expect when Reckless owns the stage?)
“You can expect a lot of darker underground stuff for sure,” as Sebastian puts it. “The album will of course be the guideline, but we are already planning on writing more new material. Of course there is room for other tracks to, whatever fits the ‘fuck you mode’ attitude.” Bart: “It’s all about the magic between Catscan and Promo.”

Just to be clear: will you refuse to play ‘classic’ Promo Catscan tracks when performing as Reckless?
“No, we play what we want!” Bart replies with a slight rebellious grin. Sebastian isn’t planning on playing melodic classics like  ‘Up yours’ or ‘The World is Mine’. “But I am sure there will be some darker tracks from our back catalogue added to the playlist. Maybe some forgotten B-sides, but there is no point in starting a new act under a new name and play the same tracks we play as on a Promo & Catscan set. Promo & Catscan is millennium style, Reckless stands for fresh raw new hardcore.”

There you have it. New hardcore comin’ at ya! This is for the hard heads, the midnight gangsters, ready to confront their kicks. F*ck consequences, this is Reckless after all.

– S. Boom –