Rave Musik by Stormtrooper

Stormtrooper is a name that has been tried and tested in the hardcore scene. Responsible for some killer tunes and recognised by his upbeat attitude, Bavaria based Peter Nitschke is the man behind all that is Stormtrooper, Alice D., X-Tension and much more.

Late in 2017 we were happily introduced to your new label Rave Musik. Already at its 5th release (3 of which were handled by Stormtrooper himself), Rave Musik is a label presenting a louder version of the 90s rave sound we’ve come to enjoy. So, what’s the story behind Rave Musik and how come the guy known for ‘Todesvögel’ is behind it?
“I grew up with the techno scene in the 90s and believe it or not – I have always been into melodies. 🙂 The music that Bonzai or Low Spirit brought us was always on top of my list, as I love the euphoric but non-cheesy vibe of it (most of it). As the sound quality from back then is really outdated you can’t really play it anymore I started remaster old tunes and give them new (harder) bassdrums a few years ago. Last year a friend of mine (Cathy B.) and I decided there should be new music with the vibe of back then, so we started trax like “Exhale Fantasy”. When Al (Twisted) first heard it he instantly wrote me on WhatsApp “I love it and I want it!” but soon after he realised that it fitted none of his label. So we decided to give it a new home and start RAVE MUZIK. If you listen closely and see that I did more than just Todesvögel 😉 you will see that I always tried to combine fluffy melodies with hard bassdrums, ever since I started doing music.”

How’s the reception to Rave Musik? Could it be a risk that people will link the Stormtrooper name to both dark and happy music?
“People love the first releases. Each release so far has a different aspect of Rave Music, so each release attracted different people. But they all agreed that there should be more of that stuff. I am not really afraid that people will have trouble linking me to the dark or the light side, because if there is one thing through out my career it’s that I never fitted in any box. I never sticked to any hype but did always what my inspiration told me to do. that was sometimes very strange stuff 😀 But to be honest – I now have the feeling like I have arrived. Doing the style that I do now really makes me happy, and that’s what it all should be about. Doing what makes you happy. Even if that means I will never play the main stage. ;-)”

Doing the style that I do now really makes me happy, and that’s what it all should be about.

You seem pretty busy lately with Rave Musik. Do you still have some studio time left for other projects?
“Other projects – yes, regular industrial hardcore – no. I don’t really feel that anymore. Of course I still love loud grungy noisy industrial, but I don’t feel the need to do new stuff in that style. I actually prefer to listen to stuff from other acts in that style, like Somniac One for example. Love playing her stuff and adding my Rave stuff to it. But besides release for RAVE MUZIK I constantly work on tunes for Gabberdisco and I also do other stuff with Cathy B. Right now we are working on a Glitch Hop Album with her on vocals.”

The Speed Freak mentioned you last month when talking about the Gabberdisco project. You’ve got a track (Just Use A Freakin´ Jeannie) on the latest release. How did that hook up came to be?
“Martin and I go way back. We did release for his labels Absurd Audio as The Speed Freak & Stormtrooper, Agent Orange as Biochip C. & Alice D., probably other stuff I can’t think of right now, and in 2018 I of course joined him for Gabberdisco. We always had the same strange sense of humor, loved to play around with music, chop it up, mix stuff together that was not ment to be together, and so it was just inevitable to have me on board of the Gabberdisco train.”

Stormtrooper – Just Use A Freakin´ Jeannie (Gabberdisco 04)

A logical fit if you think about it. Rave, disco, in the end it’s all balloons and fluor sticks. Thanks for your time and see you soon behind the decks!
“It dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing! Thanx for having me here.”