Ruffneck interview on Noisey

There’s a first time for everything. So when you live perform solo for the first time, celebrating your first 25th anniversary in music, a first-time interview on Noisey (the music channel of Vice) is as good a plan as any other.

Discussing firsts, Noisey questioned Ruffneck about his introduction into music, business and his solo live-act he was rehearsing that day.

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Fast-forward in time, how did his the live-set go? We’ll quote the man himself: “I don’t even know where to start or how to express my gratitude for what i have witnessed. […] The love and respect you all showed me the entire night is something I will never forget. In basically all of the breakdowns especially during my live set I have heard whistling, shouting THE WORKS!”.

Ruffneck’s reaction after his Melkweg event