A Defqon.1 Festival recap

CONCRETE hardcore, and then some

All spotlights were targeted at the Biddinghuizen festival grounds last month, where the mighty Defqon.1 Festival held its annual state of the (hard) union. The weather could use a push every now and then, but with beats this awesome who needs sunshine? Indeed!

Beats by none-other than Wavolizer, Mindustries, Thrasher, The Outside Agency, Ruffneck (also as D’Spyre), DJIPE, The DJ Producer, Rude Awakening, Dither, Igneon System, Tripped and Promo to name a few.

Following are some inspirational quotes, videos and images from some of our performing artists:


Despite not feeling uber great before my set, i had SO much fun playing at the silver and doing a 140bpm till.. well, faster then planned haha.. 300bpm..
Build up sets like this is what i love doing most!…

DJIPE (vs The DJ Producer)

The DJ Producer vs DJIPE @Defqon.1 was pure insanity!
Until we meet again

Promo (a.k.a. Rude Awakening)

Monday after Defqon.1




Wavolizer (vs Gecko)



Man. Still not over this. #SilverIsTheBestStage #Defqon1


The Outside Agency