Manu Le Malin in the mix

The Driver by Louis Destradidov

If you’re talking hardcore, Manu Le Malin is the definitive chapter of the evil chronicle. As the uncrowned prince of darkness, Manu Le Malin never ceases to amaze. To surprise. To shock!

So how about 2 mixes by the master himself? An offer you can’t refuse… Make your pick (or have ’em both). Tsugi Podcast 513: Manu Le Malin, recorded at Teknival at Kraken Krew. Or Manu Le Malin at the Nova Mix Club, a Dour Festival Takeover by ‘Dad’.

Tsugi Podcast 513: Manu Le Malin (+ download)

Manu Le Malin au Nova[Mix]Club

Curiosity awakened? Then be sure to check out Grief, dance to death (Official videoclip). A side project worth mentioning. Manu Le Malin and Madben & Rebeka Warrior deliver a French crossover tune with a dark twist.