MD&A joins CONCRETE Agency

When kicks and drums are hand controlled you know you’re in for something special. A 100% live performance, hardcore it’s one of a kind. CONCRETE Agency proudly welcomes the live act that is: MD&A.

MD&A is a 100% live performance unlike anything else in the hardcore world. With a heart for early hardcore and furiously fast fingers, MD&A takes the early hardcore classics everyone knows and loves, deconstructs them into samples, and reconstructs them live on stage – from kickdrum to vocal samples.

The artist and the MC

On stage, MC Axys joins MD&A for an unforgettable experience.

Why read when you can see? Why see when you can listen…

MD&A represents something unique within the hardcore world: an actual live performance, a one-man band playing the hardest-hitting classics right there on the stage. Every one of his gigs is a one-off event, and you can be sure every one will be better than the last. If you have a heart for hardcore classics, you’ll surely love MD&A!

MD&A Extended

Feeling the nostalgia? Then bump up MD&A to MD&A Extended, in which Alex will split his set in two. Half live-act and half DJ set as Paralizer. Talk about a win-win! Contact us for more info.