The Decibel Outdoor 2018 recap

Outdoor madness, exactly! The 2018 edition of Decibel Outdoor has passed, but not without a bang. Damn, that was awesome! Great vibes, great weather and even greater music by Penta, MD&A, RECKLESS, Promo, Ruffneck, Thrashmachine, Ophidian, The Outside Agency, Dither and Tripped. Uplifting, surprising, dark, loud, snares and drops… you name it. DECIBEL MAGAZINE We hope you did not forget to check out the Decibel Outdoor magazine once the music stopped playing. Featuring interviews with Thrashmachine, RECKLESS and Ruffneck there was plenty to discover. Thrashmachine interview RECKLESS interview Ruffneck interview (Click to read.) So, how did some of the CONCRETE artists experience their trip to the Decibel weekender?
Thank you Decibel! It was Reckless.
Ruffneck (live)
Oh my God, how great this was. […] I even had people coming up to me telling me they really liked it, but where surprised that the breakdowns and buildups etc of the tunes was different than what they know. Some people don’t realise that i was NOT spinning a tune but actually MAKING THEM ON THE SPOT.
Weirdest stage ever, but so much FUN! Thanks for dancing, Decibel
Thank you Decibel Outdoor Festival ! Really enjoyed both sets. Hope to see you next year
[…] Once again a true high point of the year! I had such a great time rocking it in our little trailer park corner.