The DJ Producer presents Future Incognito

Fall is about to get noisy with the release of Future Incognito. The new album by high-powered beats constructor extraordinaire The DJ Producer, coming this October on Heresy! See Luke spill the beans on his album and read more about the exclusive album showcase.

Heresy interviewed The DJ Producer about his forthcoming album ‘Future Incognito’. Going into full communication mode, Luke unveils the ideas behind the mysterious title, the future of hardcore, 20 years of kick drum science and what to expect from the album.

Click below, hit play and get an exclusive insight of Future Incognito.

Album showcase

Celebrating the release and (better yet) impact of his album, The DJ Producer will be performing a select few album showcases. Contact CONCRETE Agency to book this once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the Future Incognito up close and personal.