No Sleep Till PRSPCT, the documentary

Melkweg X PRSPCT will host a very special event at the ADE this week: the premiere of No Sleep Till PRSPCT! A documentary about Thrasher and all things PRSPCT.

Melkweg, ADE and PRSPCT organise the premiere of No Sleep Till PRSPCT, followed by a Q&A. Film maker Adriaan de Koning followed Gareth de Wijk a.k.a. Thrasher in the year PRSPCT reached its 15th year of existence. He created a badass documentary which tells the story of PRSPCT and how the DIY mentality from punk helped Thrasher to create a successful and independent label. PRSCT was born from the debris of the punkrock ethos and is responsible for merging drum & bass, hardcore and breakcore to one scene and culture.

If you’re an asshole, you’ll never play at PRSPCT.

No Sleep Till PRSPCT premieres on October 18th at the Cinema of Melkweg, Amsterdam. Time: 17:30.

After the movie there is a Q&A with film maker Adriaan de Koning and Thrasher.

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Bonus clip

If you’re curious to what this kind of sleep deprivation sounds like, have a listen!