Manu Le Malin interview on Resident Advisor

When you meet up with the price of darkness, and the mood is just right (picture a room full of legends, good atmosphere and a drink or two!) Manu Le Malin can be quite talkative. As Resident Advisor discovered just that last November, when they sat down with Manu before he played his set at r_AWunion. The resulting interview revolves around the origin of Le Malin, asking the simple but effective question: Where were you in ’92?

“Whether playing hardcore as Manu Le Malin or techno as The Driver, Manu’s sets are intense baptisms of dark, surging music. With mixing skills that include hip-hop-style scratching, tapping and other tricks most DJs wouldn’t attempt, Manu is a showman, especially in front of a home crowd.”

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Talking about r_AWunion…