The Crime & Lives Of A Ruffneck

Coming full circle, Ruffneck is about to reach out for his roots with the upcoming release of The Crime & Lives Of A Ruffneck, the new solo album by DJ Ruffneck. It was a track by ACEN, 25 years ago, that kickstarted his career and today Ruffneck returns to the Original Hardcore sound to do just that: inspire!

Original Hardcore is a sound that is still very much alive and loved, attracting both the old and the new generation. And so The Crime & Lives Of A Ruffneck came to be.

Packing breakbeats, phat kicks, typical (ragga) vocals all in a well-balanced mix. This album is the apotheosis of all of the above with an added bonus in the form of the dark core style Ruffneck started on his supreme intelligence label in 1997.

“All things change in a dynamic environment… and sometimes the more things change… they actually stay the same or return to the core once again!”

Ruffneck’s new album will be released at his 25 Years Of Ruffneck event (The Final Edition!) at the Melkweg this April. 

Check out the first track of the album: 20 Bullits To Comply: