These are the Tools Of Demolition by Dither!

Walls are about to be broken, Dither style! Get your gear together, it’s wrecking time. These are the Tools Of Demolition! The new album by Dither.

Everyone’s invited, so let’s join the demo crew on this kick driven hardcore rampage. Dither has created quite the momentum for himself and Tools Of Demolition is the proof of concept. A vision as loud as can be, while delivering a mix clear as the night sky.

Lead by the always insatiable Dither, an impressive crew has been gathered. Featuring Luminite, Mike Cervello, Cesqeaux, N-Vitral, Warface, D-Fence, Promo, Deadly Guns and MC Focus this album is going to be a blast. Detonators are set, it’s time to ignite.

Dither – Tools Of Demolition is released on The Third Movement on June 24th, 2019.

Ready to disturb and destroy, Tools Of Demolition is your hardcore trip into turmoil. So pack up your gear and get busy! It’s time for demolition. Go!

Check out these kicks! Also featured on the album: