Tripped & Ruffneck featured in Coincidence.Mag

#thekidswantpropertechno So let’s give ’em some! Next to releasing Belgium based label records Coincidence writes up a digital magazine. In the current edition, nr. 4, both Ruffneck Prime and Tripped are featured with an interview.


Living next door is the perfect excuse to cross-over and dive into the hardcore scene in which Tripped resides. With his mixes jumping from mid to up-tempo, Francis is the ideal guide to lead curios techno heads into darkness.

Tripped: “I really love mixing anything from Techno, Rave, Old- skool, Break beats, Industrial, Acid, Tekno, Hardcore and Early Terror. Give me a few hours and I’ll play it all in one set ha-ha.”

Ruffneck Prime

“A relentless raw sound.” Writing up Ruffneck’s techno sound  can be quit the challenge. So best let him answer the questions himself. And discover how a guy with a career spanning 3 decades keeps his sound relevant.

Ruffneck: “For hardcore its the sheer energy and the undying relentless support by my followers. […] In techno I simply LOVE the freedom as a producer and as a DJ as you basically have NO rules or boundaries as what you can do!”

You can read both interviews in Coincide.Mag (pages 15 and 22) now:

Download Coincide.Mag 4/2019