The new Hellfish album is here: Unmute The Mutant

Hardcore fans are celebrating today after a Sky News report confirming a sighting of the UK’s DJ Hellfish, since his disappearance on tour in Asia, speculation has been rife of his death. But yesterday, exactly 17 months later he was photographed clinging to the underside of a taxi outside a pound shop in Wickford, Essex. Apparently he told a traffic warden that he had been detained against his will under threat of death by chicken at the Fhing Xo Wak Siamese research lab.

Leave it up to Hellfish to get cryptic. Escaping the brutal facility with his mind mostly intact and more importantly a brand new experimental album, Hellfish – Unmute The Mutant. Out now on Deathchant!

Check out the new Hellfish LP on Deathchant