To The Death, Thunderdome anthem by Dither

With his fresh kicks and sharper than a serpent’s tooth skill, Dither is on fire. His recent releases prove that no volume is too big and no kick-drum is too loud for this guy. But Thunderdome is something else. And being asked to create the anthem for the 2019 edition of Thunderdome is an even bigger honour: To The Death!

You’re often caught wearing Thunderdome gear. This request must have been special?
Dither: “I love Thunderdome and the gear! So, it’s definitely the cherry on the cake to do the anthem. I was so honoured and nervous when I got the call. I’m not even sure what my next goal should be, haha.”

To The Death is the official Thunderdome 2019 anthem. A track combining that fresh Dither style with classic elements.

Dither: “The aim was to build a raging dancefloor track which fits in my regular sets outside of Thunderdome. Doing switches during the track is something I always do, and love to do. Switching to an early sound made a lot of sense because of the long history Thunderdome has.”

“The Thunderdome in the Mad Max movie is actually an arena/steel cage where people fight To The Death. My anthem is based around this concept.”

Intense at high volume, this tune you really need to experience out loud. Say this Saturday, at the Thunderdome mainstage. Dither’s live performance will surround itself around the anthem and all the tracks he has created this past year. A truly unique moment!

What’s your history with Thunderdome? When did you first your visit Thunderdome?
Dither: “Well, I posted about it earlier claiming it was 2005, but it was actually 2004! It was my first big hardcore event, and I remember taking the train from Groningen to Utrecht. I still lived with my mom, and the next morning when I came back, I proudly told her what I witnessed. I was amazed!”

Welcome to another edition of…

Check out the black & white video representing what can only be described as the essence of Thunderdome.

Simple, but effective. What’s the idea behind the video?
Dither: “The videoclip is based on the trailer which was released earlier this year. It’s an ode to the gabber, who of course been the pillars of Thunderdome and hardcore sound.”

Thunderdome 2019

Be sure to check out Dither (live), Ophidian, Tripped, Promo (presenting a special Last Man Standing live set), The DJ Producer and The Outside Agency at Thunderdome 2019. Each and every one ready to get their gabber on. Bass!