Introducing Nick Moody

Meet Nick Moody, the expression of a kick-drum driven hardcore past meeting its noisy techno future. Playing records at that very intersection results in high energy crossover sets. Rhythmic trips where big drums and subtle moods combine effortlessly with hard nostalgia.

Joining contemporary artists like Stranger, Bleaching Agent and veteran acts like Manu Le Malin and DJ Promo, Nick thrives on further developing the hardcore-techno divide with his DJ sets and productions.

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Born at the height of gabber and DJing since the age of 11, hardcore runs through Nick Hoppezak’s veins. Before he could even mix two records together he was playing at Studio 80 in Amsterdam for Thunderdome Radio to an audience of 30,000 listeners locked in worldwide. Hoppezak has been promoting hardcore from the DJ booth and behind the scenes ever since.

Today, inspired by the new kind of hardcore crowd forming around Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam at nights like Unpolished and Katharsis, Nick Moody is focussed more than ever to drop some serious damage behind the decks.

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Booking Nick Moody

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