A Wavolizer double feature

Wavolizer’s Mega Hardcore Mash-up

Imagine how 57 tracks in 60 minutes sounds and you’ve got a rough understanding of the mega that is Wavolizer’s hardcore mash-up!

Wavolizer never does anything the normal way. And this megamix is a tribute to that. There’s really something for everybody in here, and things don’t always seem as they would appear. A unique and fun set. Enjoy!

But wait, there’s more!

The perfect speedrun by Geck-o & Wavolizer

The ever-so-versatile Geck-o knows just how to add a dash of craziness to the stupendous power of the Wavolizer. Expect the unexpected as this rollercoaster of a tune takes you through oldschool vibes, raving basslines and a real 8-bit extravaganza. Let’s just go ahead and get started in three, two, one: GO!