The 2019/2020 Ruffneck overview

Ruffneck closed down 2019 with an impressive overview of tunes he released the past year. The guy’s busy, we’ll leave it at that! Dropping 19 vinyls and his (CD) album “The Crime & Lives of a Ruffneck” onto (un)suspecting ruff soldiers and beyond, Ruffneck is still in your face. 

Huge thanks and massive respect to everyone who bought some of the label’s music, saw me perform, supported me and the label(s) […] Also big thanks to the organisations who decided to have me at their events. Know that I loved each and every gig I have played this year.

Check out the complete list of releases, including merchandise and more on Ruffneck’s Facebook page:

This was Ruffneck in 2019

So what will 2020 bring?

Ruffneck is all about looking forward. Heading into the future face-first. So expect some ruff and raw coming up sooner! The first release has already been teased and with the relentless support Ruffneck is getting more is bound to happen.

Ruffneck Records, original hardcore!

Let’s make some more memories in 2020!