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Originally part of MD&A, the trio responsible for classics like ‘Braindead’ and ‘The Cracken’, Alex has been involved with hardcore since its inception. In recent years, he’s breathed new life into the MD&A moniker, fingerdrumming selections of early hardcore classics live; ‘a tribute to early hardcore’, he calls it.

Having earned his stripes with dozens of MD&A live performances – Alex plays without any backing tracks or other tricks – it is now time to ramp things up and start a new project. Invizbl is the name, and cutting-edge, percussion-driven hardcore is the game. Alex will only be playing Invizbl tracks, introducing a completely new live sound into the hardcore world.

Invizbl is a performer, not a DJ, armed with a drumpad controller rather than turntables. It’s all in the fingers; every single sound is triggered with a press of a button, nothing is automated. That way, Alex deconstructs and reconstructs his tracks differently every time, making every performance unique. He combines the addictive sound of today’s hardcore with the inimitable magic of a live musician. So be warned: once you’ve seen Invizbl perform, there’s no way to unsee him…


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