Promo Hardware #001 vinyl set

Promo, bring the noise! Tune into the Promo studio feed and witness hardcore’s king drop one vinyl banger after another. Kicking it hardcore, Hardware #001… Read more

The Hard Way (Wavolizer remix)

Has it been 10 years already? A decade ago, Geck-o & Phrantic released the hardstyle banger The Hard Way. And to paraphrase Wavolizer: “What better… Read more

Nick Moody at Unpolished 2020

Unpolished can be a raw sort of thing. A hardertechno event even. So who better than Nick Moody to rock out with his premium selection… Read more

Prime is the name

“I will now operate simply under the moniker…” PRIME Ruffneck has chosen to change his techno later-ego to Prime. Started as Ruffneck Prime to make… Read more

Two slices of Mutante

Mutante update! The Frenchcore assasin from Quebec, Canada has 2 releases out up-tempo fans need to check out. SPERME ET COCAINE Check out the Mutante… Read more

Promo announced on Zwarte Cross

As Promo himself phrases it: one to cross off his bucket list. Promo has been announced for this year’s Zwarte Cross festival! Ant Rikkie (the… Read more

Promo: Carp & Hardcore

Check out “Karpers & Hardcore”, an article on the Dutch online carp community website in which the interviewer tagged along with Promo to the Defqon… Read more