Promo at Lowlands Festival

Surprise! Last Sunday, Promo had the unannounced honour to close the Desperado stage at the legendary Lowlands festival. Finishing up with a set packed with… Read more

CONCRETE worldwide

CONCRETE is going global. Or better said: our artists are! At CONCRETE Agency we like to think in terms of world domination. Whether it’s a… Read more

Ruffneck Recollections serie

One (better yet: three) for the vinyl lovers: the Ruffneck Recollections have been released. Expect the original masters of the original 90’s Ruffneck / Ruffex… Read more

The 2nd Rite Mix by Igneon System

Check out the 2nd Rite – Amorpheus mix by Igneon System and enjoy the mixture of forgotten tracks combined with brand new tunes. Pure industrial… Read more

Hellfish releases Black Death on Heresy

The Black Death is upon us as Hellfish unfolds his dark scheme of things onto Heresy. Hear Doctor Beak unleash the Decimator onto the unsuspecting… Read more

The Outside Agency at Unpolished 2019

Yes, we told you another set from Unpolished would be published. And yes, a promise is a promise. So… The Outside Agency at Unpolished 2019… Read more

Promo rocking the BLACK at Defqon.1

Witness Promo kicking off The Gathering at the BLACK area of this year’s edition of Defqon.1. Armed with great hardcore tracks, Promo took control as… Read more