Digital Disaster by Penta

Things are about to get chaotic! A brand new feat bringing the latest in DJ heat, Penta’s Digital Disaster! Dropping kicks one after the other,… Read more

Tripped Cuming Hard Techno

This one is for the dusty shoes, sweaty clothes, happy faces. This one is for the love we’ve shared. This one is for you, free… Read more

Hardcore storytelling by The Empire

When light turns into darkness, The Empire leads the way. Beware of Dark Sun, the hardcore powered storytelling by The Empire! Whether it’s melody or… Read more

A Wavolizer double feature

Wavolizer’s Mega Hardcore Mash-up Imagine how 57 tracks in 60 minutes sounds and you’ve got a rough understanding of the mega that is Wavolizer’s hardcore… Read more

Dither, live at Thunderdome 2019

Check out Dither, destroying Thunderdome 2019 in this Live recording. Attack mode: ultra! Dither unleashes his Tools Of Destruction to the never-stopping crowd in front… Read more

r_AWunion 2019

Today the 2019 edition of r_AWunion will be held at P60, Amstelveen. With a line-up infused with CONCRETE power the sold-out crowd is surely in… Read more

Introducing Nick Moody

Meet Nick Moody, the expression of a kick-drum driven hardcore past meeting its noisy techno future. Playing records at that very intersection results in high… Read more