Tripped and 909 Junkies Turn It Up

Tripped returns to his oldschool hardcore obsession, after diving deep into analogue circuitry. Not to be mistaken by track titles (Fuckin’ Uptempo, point taken), this… Read more

Igneon System studio action

Igneon System is back in the studio, or as he himself puts it: “It’s time to write some new music”. Proof in point is this… Read more

Deathmachine and the Drum Coefficient EP

The most gentlemanly producer in industrial hardcore comes through with four blistering cuts on Genosha Recordings. The Drum Coefficient EP by Deathmachine brilliantly showcases both… Read more

Ophidian, Bring(s) On The Orchestra

A hardcore anthem should be memorable. It creates chills, delivers the power and energy the music represents. And features a choir while we’re at it…. Read more