Heresy goes Slovakia

An exodus is about to take place… Heresy goes Slovakia! Summoning an exclusive night of the forbidden, the too loud, the darkest of sounds. In… Read more

Ruffneck drops Napalm (Burn!)

Screaming Alpha Junos, Check! Breakbeats, Check! Thundering kicks, Check! Awesome screaming oldschool vocal, Double Check! This can only mean one thing: Ruffneck is back with… Read more

Terminate by Dither, all limiters off!

It takes just 4 commands to get this party started! Terminate. Destroy, as Dither levels up. The result is a no-brainer, a real hardcore slam…. Read more

25 Years Of Ruffneck at Tivoli

Saturday a week ago, the 25 Years Of Ruffneck circus stopped its caravan at Tivoli, Utrecht to destroy the speakers. Wedlock style! (With support by… Read more

Ruffneck Millennium Mix

Time to backspin and go back in time. Back to the Millennium era with this classic mix by DJ Ruffneck. Featuring Ruffneck tunes only, passion… Read more

Warface & Dither – Get With It

When Dither and Warface collaborate, you know you’re in for a beating. Raw, hard and in your face, Get With It fulfils the premiss: LOUD!… Read more