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The Outside Agency drop Scenocide 404

Now available: the latest in the series of Scenocide 2xCDs by The Outside Agency. Sold wherever such things are sold. Featuring 25 tracks by the… Read more

PRSPCT XTRM label nights

Does blood, sweat and snares sound good to you? How about a night of really giving the soundsystem a tasting of its own medicine? Featuring… Read more

Bad Dreams EP by Deathmachine

UK Hardcore Techno Hero Deathmachine releases this blinding two tracker on one of the Hottest Underground Hardcore Labels just now: Motormouth Recordz. Deathmachine delivers 200bpm… Read more

Experience the Thrashmachine

Basic math, let’s go: Thrasher + Deathmachine = Thrashmachine. Once the set, twice the impact, trice the damage!!! Combining the hard and dark sound of Deathmachine with the fuck you attitude of Thrasher is a synergy for the disturbed, an overdose of pure energy. Sounds like the perfect addition to any industrial or up-tempo rave, don’t you agree? You can also experience the Thrashmachine!

N-Vitral LTAB remix

Is it possible to surpass the loudness of the N-bomb? Let’s find out, shall we! N-Vitral presents the Louder Than A Bomb Remix EP, Part 1. A… Read more

Host your own Heresy

Look at those names. Look at them! Did you know you can be part of this movement? Be responsible for the damage that artist like Igneon System, Deathmachine, Dither, DJIPE, The… Read more

Hardshock livesets release

Remember the windy yet oh so rocking hardcore fest of an event that was Hardshock Festival 2016? Now relive the sets by Broken Minds, Hellfish,… Read more