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CONCRETE at Defqon.1

What will you be doing the last weekend of June? No doubt about it: Defqon.1! Join the One Tribe and hit up our artist at… Read more

Dither is playing with fire

Dither is definitely up to something. Dropping two teasers this week, this guy is productive AF and ready to explode into the hardcore scene in… Read more

G’day Dither!

There’s a reason this item is marked by a bright yellow road sign featuring “Mr. Terminate”‘s logo. Dither is about to fly south, waaayyy south. Just… Read more

Terminate by Dither, all limiters off!

It takes just 4 commands to get this party started! Terminate. Destroy, as Dither levels up. The result is a no-brainer, a real hardcore slam…. Read more

Warface & Dither – Get With It

When Dither and Warface collaborate, you know you’re in for a beating. Raw, hard and in your face, Get With It fulfils the premiss: LOUD!… Read more