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With his new album delayed to a post-pandemic date, DJIPE is treating his loyal fans to something special: the DJIPECAST. A mix full of all… Read more

DJIPE at r_AWunion 2019 set online

Start up the time machine and travel back to November 2019, when DJIPE dropped this Hulk smash of a set at r_AWunion 2019. We’re talking… Read more

DJIPE album coming up!

With details still hazy, DJIPE new album seems to be coming along rather nicely. Check out Desert Woman (ft. Nagazaki), the first teaser from DJIPE’s… Read more

DJIPE down under

Australian promoters watch out: DJIPE is down under! Having a much earned sabbatical from his day-job, DJIPE is moving to Australia till June of 2020…. Read more

r_AWunion 2019

Today the 2019 edition of r_AWunion will be held at P60, Amstelveen. With a line-up infused with CONCRETE power the sold-out crowd is surely in… Read more

DJIPE & The Purge – Reset

The distortion is real. Reset! Hear DJIPE & The Purge combine forces in what has to be one of the roughest of hardcore tunes. Like… Read more

DJIPE equals Trouble (In Paradise)

Watch out, here’s Trouble in Paradise! DJIPE returns to the new releases folder with two rocking tunes, fierce and intense. All is good and well, when… Read more

Heresy goes Slovakia

An exodus is about to take place… Heresy goes Slovakia! Summoning an exclusive night of the forbidden, the too loud, the darkest of sounds. In… Read more