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CONCRETE worldwide

CONCRETE is going global. Or better said: our artists are! At CONCRETE Agency we like to think in terms of world domination. Whether it’s a… Read more

The 2nd Rite Mix by Igneon System

Check out the 2nd Rite – Amorpheus mix by Igneon System and enjoy the mixture of forgotten tracks combined with brand new tunes. Pure industrial… Read more

Igneon System studio action

Igneon System is back in the studio, or as he himself puts it: “It’s time to write some new music”. Proof in point is this… Read more

Heresy goes Slovakia

An exodus is about to take place… Heresy goes Slovakia! Summoning an exclusive night of the forbidden, the too loud, the darkest of sounds. In… Read more

It’s time to Man The Barricades

A CONCRETE driven release at The Third Movement this month: take the mighty three and multiply it by one hundred. Boom, there’s your sound. The… Read more

Heresy Label Night: Genes1[n]s

Only a couple nights until Genes1[n]s will start its conversion. Enter the religion and witness the best in Drum & Bass / Hardcore / Industrial… Read more

Igneon System breaks the rules of raw

The hype is real… Igneon System breaks the rules of raw and lands on Gearbox Overdrive with this Rawbreed masterpiece. Listen to Breakage by Igneon… Read more

CONCRETE at Harmony

A Harmony of Hardcore recap Last weekend temperatures hit high when CONCRETE’s hardcore crew hit the decks at Harmony of Hardcore. Maybe the sunny weather had… Read more