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The new EP by Miss Hysteria

November is the perfect month to introduce some gloom and melody. And Miss Hysteria does just that with her new EP on Enzyme Records. As… Read more

Alternate Universes EP by Ophidian

New Ophidian tunes! Well, sort of. Ophidian‘s tracks have gotten a rework by 1, 2, 3 artists! Miss Hysteria, Tymon & Decipher showcase their vision… Read more

Miss Hysteria – Surround Me EP

New and improved, some fresh filth by the one and only Miss Hysteria! And what a release it is, two sick tunes with a twisted… Read more

The sound of 2018

With the year 2017 crashing to a halt on December 31st, the time has come to look forward. To rip of the last page of… Read more

Host your own Heresy

Look at those names. Look at them! Did you know you can be part of this movement? Be responsible for the damage that artist like Igneon System, Deathmachine, Dither, DJIPE, The… Read more