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Ophidian Lockdown stream

These are weird times we’re living in. The world is battling its way through the COVID-19 pandemic and most events have been cancelled this month…. Read more

The Messenger E.P. by Ophidian

Now available, the new Ophidian release on Admech! The Messenger E.P. is the result of two new production challenges on YouTube. All sounds, percussion and… Read more

99 by Ophidian

さらに激しくも美しい世界へ誘います! An invitation to an intense but beautiful world. Check out Ophidian crossing over to the J-CORE scene with a guest feature on Login Records,… Read more

Ophidian 2019 yearmix

The sweet and awesome gift that is the Ophidian 2019 year mix is here! Tune in to discover all the tracks Ophidian released last year…. Read more

Ophidian milestones spotted

Spot a familiar face in the Magnum Opus trailer of Masters of Hardcore: Ophidian! Making noise for years indeed, Ophidian is presented as one of… Read more

CONCRETE at Thunderdome 2019

It’s been a while, but fear no longer: just a couple of weeks before the 2019 edition of Thunderdome takes place! October 26th will leave… Read more