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CONCRETE at Thunderdome 2019

It’s been a while, but fear no longer: just a couple of weeks before the 2019 edition of Thunderdome takes place! October 26th will leave… Read more

The new Ophidian on Heresy

From The Ashes, the new Ophidian release is out now! Based on a poem by Elaine Sharp, Ophidian wrote The Phoenix – a melodious song… Read more

CONCRETE worldwide

CONCRETE is going global. Or better said: our artists are! At CONCRETE Agency we like to think in terms of world domination. Whether it’s a… Read more

CONCRETE at Defqon.1

What will you be doing the last weekend of June? No doubt about it: Defqon.1! Join the One Tribe and hit up our artist at… Read more

Ophidian, Bring(s) On The Orchestra

A hardcore anthem should be memorable. It creates chills, delivers the power and energy the music represents. And features a choir while we’re at it…. Read more