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The new Promo, Totally Lost It EP!

Dig your kicks deep into the dirt and prepare to hold on. Promo, bring the ruckus! This is the Totally Lost It EP. Flirting with… Read more

Promo Hardware #001 vinyl set

Promo, bring the noise! Tune into the Promo studio feed and witness hardcore’s king drop one vinyl banger after another. Kicking it hardcore, Hardware #001… Read more

Promo announced on Zwarte Cross

As Promo himself phrases it: one to cross off his bucket list. Promo has been announced for this year’s Zwarte Cross festival! Ant Rikkie (the… Read more

Promo: Carp & Hardcore

Check out “Karpers & Hardcore”, an article on the Dutch online carp community website in which the interviewer tagged along with Promo to the Defqon… Read more

Promo on the Q Walk Of Fame

This month, Q-Dance celebrated 20 Dedicated years of hard dance events. One of the pillars of this movement, the millennium hardcore mayhem got the spotlight… Read more