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Ruffneck Recollections serie

One (better yet: three) for the vinyl lovers: the Ruffneck Recollections have been released. Expect the original masters of the original 90’s Ruffneck / Ruffex… Read more

Ruffneck Prime, a hard techno moniker

Ruffneck is on a roll! A roll you would expect in a techno tune. Packing baselines, percussion, kick drums. Solid sounds and hard hitting. Working… Read more

Ruffneck Anomalies 000

Ruffneck’s new sublabel: Ruffneck Anomalies has been revealed! Delivering the core in an exclusive and different way, the first release (Ruffa 000) features Revelations Part… Read more

What is Ruffneck Prime?

Expanding his sound through different genres, Ruffneck Prime was born to house the raw techno sound Patrick also likes to perform. “It’s a new project… Read more

CONCRETE at Defqon.1

What will you be doing the last weekend of June? No doubt about it: Defqon.1! Join the One Tribe and hit up our artist at… Read more

The Crime & Lives Of A Ruffneck

Coming full circle, Ruffneck is about to reach out for his roots with the upcoming release of The Crime & Lives Of A Ruffneck, the… Read more