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Heresy Label Night: Germany

Any plans for this Saturday? Why not start 2020 with a bang! A boom room full of heretic sounds. Heresy and PH Events present the… Read more

CONCRETE at Thunderdome 2019

It’s been a while, but fear no longer: just a couple of weeks before the 2019 edition of Thunderdome takes place! October 26th will leave… Read more

CONCRETE at Defqon.1

What will you be doing the last weekend of June? No doubt about it: Defqon.1! Join the One Tribe and hit up our artist at… Read more

It’s time to Man The Barricades

A CONCRETE driven release at The Third Movement this month: take the mighty three and multiply it by one hundred. Boom, there‚Äôs your sound. The… Read more

Heresy Label Night: Genes1[n]s

Only a couple nights until Genes1[n]s will start its conversion. Enter the religion and witness the best in Drum & Bass / Hardcore / Industrial… Read more

The DJ Producer presents Future Incognito

Fall is about to get noisy with the release of Future Incognito. The new album by high-powered beats constructor extraordinaire The DJ Producer, coming this… Read more