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Hardcore storytelling by The Empire

When light turns into darkness, The Empire leads the way. Beware of Dark Sun, the hardcore powered storytelling by The Empire! Whether it’s melody or… Read more

It’s time to Man The Barricades

A CONCRETE driven release at The Third Movement this month: take the mighty three and multiply it by one hundred. Boom, there’s your sound. The… Read more

Hurricane by NeoX vs The Empire

A good old clash of hardcore forces is about to result in a Hurricane: DJ NeoX vs The Empire bringing it to Enzyme Records! Face… Read more

Face fate, Your Fate by The Empire

Face fate, Your Fate by The Empire! And discover where true hardcore strength will take you. From the ashes of civilization, a dark force stands… Read more

God’s Justice by The Empire

Step back and enjoy the show, as the day of reckoning is upon us! This is God’s Justice EP, a gritty declaration of war by The… Read more