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The sound of 2017

Counting down the last hours of this year, one might wonder what’s coming up. What does 2017 have in store? Well, who better to ask than our artists? So we did just that!

Koalition Festival Anthem by The Outside Agency

The Outside Agency were chosen by the Karnage Records crew to make the anthem for their huge French Festival Koalition XI taking place in Toulouse upcoming weekend, with a.o. The Outside… Read more

Host your own Heresy

Look at those names. Look at them! Did you know you can be part of this movement? Be responsible for the damage that artist like Igneon System, Deathmachine, Dither, DJIPE, The… Read more

The Outside Agency owns Q-Base

When you invite The Outside Agency and mark your event ‘Die Hards only’, you know you’re in trouble! As was the case with Q-BASE 2016. Not only… Read more

Dutch DJs, the book

How about a fine read? Check out Dutch DJs, a book revealing the answers to all your questions about the profession of DJ/Producer. Featuring Promo,… Read more

Hardshock livesets release

Remember the windy yet oh so rocking hardcore fest of an event that was Hardshock Festival 2016? Now relive the sets by Broken Minds, Hellfish,… Read more