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MADINCH001 by Tripped & [KRTM]

Due to popular demand Madback Records decided to select some of their favourite tracks from the catalog and release them on 12” Vinyl. Your chance… Read more

Tripped Cuming Hard Techno

This one is for the dusty shoes, sweaty clothes, happy faces. This one is for the love we’ve shared. This one is for you, free… Read more

Tripped really is a nice guy

A slap in the face with a rolex. Isn’t that just what you’d expect from a nice guy like Tripped? Check out his co-production with… Read more

Passive Offensive by Tripped

‘Passive Offensive’ by Tripped is out now on the Italian techno label Scuderia! As he continues down the rabbit hole of the analog circuit, the… Read more

CONCRETE at Thunderdome 2019

It’s been a while, but fear no longer: just a couple of weeks before the 2019 edition of Thunderdome takes place! October 26th will leave… Read more

Tripped & Ruffneck featured in Coincidence.Mag

#thekidswantpropertechno So let’s give ’em some! Next to releasing Belgium based label records Coincidence writes up a digital magazine. In the current edition, nr. 4,… Read more

CONCRETE worldwide

CONCRETE is going global. Or better said: our artists are! At CONCRETE Agency we like to think in terms of world domination. Whether it’s a… Read more