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  Hungry for some core? How about two slices of Wavolizer pie? BAM! HOPIUM Cling on to this tasty bit of Hopium and see how deep… Read more

Free Wavolizer DJ tool

Last year, Wavolizer celebrated 10 years of Wavolizer. For that occasion Wavolizer made a DJ Tool consisting of plenty of old Wavo elements. If you’re… Read more

The Hard Way (Wavolizer remix)

Has it been 10 years already? A decade ago, Geck-o & Phrantic released the hardstyle banger The Hard Way. And to paraphrase Wavolizer: “What better… Read more

A Wavolizer double feature

Wavolizer’s Mega Hardcore Mash-up Imagine how 57 tracks in 60 minutes sounds and you’ve got a rough understanding of the mega that is Wavolizer’s hardcore… Read more

The Wafelijzer by Wavolizer

Better watch out when this Dane starts sampling Dutch. The Wafelijzer is a great danceable hardcore kick fest. Funky, loud and non-stop. Wavolizer opens up… Read more