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Ministry Management by Wavolizer

It is with great honor that the institution hereby announces a bold new move in modern hardcore music: Ministry Management by Wavolizer! The top-down control… Read more

A Defqon.1 Festival recap

CONCRETE hardcore, and then some All spotlights were targeted at the Biddinghuizen festival grounds last month, where the mighty Defqon.1 Festival held its annual state of… Read more

Defqon.1 Festival 2018 line-up released

What do Wavolizer, Mindustries, Thrasher, The Outside Agency, N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD, Ruffneck (also as D’Spyre), DJIPE, The DJ Producer, Rude Awakening, Dither, Igneon System, Tripped… Read more

New Wavolizer release: Crank up

New year, new music! Drop the needle and backspin hardcore into something pseudo nostalgic. A not-so-retro vibe ready to kill the future. This is the… Read more

The Outside Agency drop Scenocide 404

Now available: the latest in the series of Scenocide 2xCDs by The Outside Agency. Sold wherever such things are sold. Featuring 25 tracks by the… Read more

A Matter Of Perspective by Wavolizer

Another highly anticipated album hits The Third Movement in the form of Industrial debauchery from their very own Danish diva Wavolizer. Innovative and completely refreshing,… Read more

Wavolizer Podcast for Darkside

Our favourite Danish DJ & Producer Wavolizer provided this week’s Motormouth #Podcast. Check the MASSIVE tracklist out and you’ll know for sure you deffo CAN’T miss this incredible set! … Read more